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Selecting Your Child's Dentist

​Schooled in young smiles, Dr. Hanna is a board certified pediatric dentist. He has completed extensive training in orthodontics through his residency at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Patients receive a complimentary orthodontic evaluation with each cleaning appointment.
HomeAbout Dr. HannaPractice ServicesChoosing A Kids DentistPatient PoliciesPatient FormsPayment OptionsEmployment

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Selecting a pediatric dentist who will grow with your child is an important decision in finding a dental home. Here are some factors to consider:

Is the dentist a Pediatric Dentist?  The specialty of pediatric dentistry benefits all children through their growing years from infancy through teen. Pediatric Dentists have completed up to three years of advanced training from an American Dental Association-approved program. Therefore, Pediatric Dentists are uniquely trained to understand the development of young patients' facial bones, muscles, and teeth. Dr.Hanna completed a three-year residency at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Is the Pediatric Dentist trained to provide orthodontics? Through his residency at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Dr. Hanna completed three years of extensive training in orthodontics. Dr. Hanna provides a free orthodontic consultation with each routine cleaning. Not all pediatric dental programs provide orthodontic training. Therefore, not all pediatric dentists are trained in this area. Dr. Hanna examines each patient at every orthodontic appointment, unlike many offices where patients are seen by orthodontic assistants.

Is the dentist licensed and credentialed to provide sedation anesthesia?  This is an important question to ask because not all dentists maintain an anesthesia permit. Credentials for anesthesia include advanced training beyond dental school from a program accredited by the American Dental Association. In addition, the dentist must complete continuing education each year. The dental office is routinely inspected to comply with current regulations. The dentist must hold a state license to provide any form of anesthesia including conscious sedation and nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation. While many dentists provide sedation medications and services, not all are licensed to do so. This is an important question to ask, especially for young patients. 

Dr. Hanna is licensed and credentialed to provide sedation anesthesia. He maintains his permit in Pennsylvania, which requires him to complete ongoing sedation education every year. In addition, through his anesthesia training at Children’s Hospital, he has administered conscious sedation on many complex cases including children with multiple organ transplants.

Is the dentist trained to provide hospital dentistry? Dr. Hanna completed his residency in pediatric dentistry at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He is trained in hospital dentistry and is a member of the staff at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. However, not all pediatric dental programs include hospital dentistry in the curriculum. Some children are candidates for hospital dentistry due to their age, medical or dental conditions. It is important that they have access to pediatric anesthesia that only Children's Hospital can provide. Dr. Hanna works with other specialties at Children’s Hospital to provide multiple services under one anesthesia. For example, a patient who is already undergoing surgery for ear tubes could complete dental services under the same anesthesia.