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Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Services

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Dr. Hanna's pediatric dentist office near Pittsburgh is a pediatric dental home where patients can grow and graduate. Our specially-trained staff and expert dentist in Robinson Township, PA work with each patient through each stage of dental development. From preventive and restorative services to orthodontics, patients are prepared for a bright future with a confident, healthy smile.

The ideal time for your child's first dental visit is between six and 12 months of age, usually by the time the first tooth appears. Early visits help to prevent extensive dental problems, save money for parents, and enable children to have the lifelong benefits of a healthy mouth. Prior to the first exam, you may explain to your child that Dr. Hanna will "count your teeth and check your smile."

After you share your child's medical history with Dr. Hanna, your expert kids dentist, he will gently examine your child's teeth and gums for decay and other problems. X-rays may be necessary to discover hidden decay and check on the progress of your child's teeth under the gums. Our office is equipped with digital radiography, which significantly reduces the risk of radiation exposure to your child compared to conventional x-ray systems. Dr. Hanna will also evaluate the effects of oral habits such as thumb sucking and make sure your child is receiving adequate fluoride for optimum dental health. Your child's teeth may be cleaned or a follow-up appointment for cleaning may be scheduled. As an expert in kids dentistry, Dr. Hanna will track your child's growth during each stage of delelopment through adolescence and the teenage years.
HomeAbout Dr. HannaPractice ServicesChoosing A Kids DentistPatient PoliciesPatient FormsPayment OptionsEmployment

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Preventive Maintenance Checkups: Preventive dental care is stressed during all exams. Routine exams are recommended every six months, along with fluoride treatments. During the childhood and adolescent dental development years, it is important for patients to receive professionally-applied, concentrated fluoride at each preventive appointment to reduce the risk of decay and complications from ingesting home fluoride rinses. Brushing techniques and proper eating habits are reviewed with each patient. Parents will also learn how to care for their infants' teeth. 

Sealants: Sealants may be recommended to protect the teeth. A sealant is a resin that is bonded to the chewing surfaces of the molars.The sealant acts as a barrier protecting the pits and fissures from decay. Sealants can typically be applied around age six. Once a patient receives sealants from Dr. Hanna's office, the hygienist checks the sealants at each routine appointment and touches up as necessary. The sealant used does not contain BPA.

Mouthguards: Protect your young athlete's smile with a custom mouthguard. Because the mouthguard is made from a mold of your child's mouth, it offers more protection than a store-bought mouthguard. The custom fit is also more comfortable for the athlete, giving you assurance that it will be worn. 

Orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment between the ages of six and 11 can reduce extensive orthodontic problems in the teenage years.Through his residency at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Dr. Hanna is uniquely trained in diagnosing and treating patients' orthodontic needs throughout their dental developmental years. Dr. Hanna provides a free orthodontic evaluation with each routine appointment.
Teeth Whitening: This service is often recommended after orthodontic care.

Oral Surgery: Frenectomy, extraction of impacted and non-restorable teeth, removal of benign cysts and tumors.

Anxiety Reduction Techniques: Reduction of anxiety according to the patient's special needs is available through the use of behavior guidance, nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, oral sedatives and IV anesthesia. Dr. Hanna is credentialed and licensed to provide anesthesia.

Behavior Guidance: Some patients need additional time for appointments whether it is due to a medical condition or behavior. Through Dr. Hanna's background in psychology, he and his staff work together to provide behavior guidance to these patients. Behavior guidance is a systematic approach using nonpharmacologic techniques to train the young patient in a dental office. With consistent appointments, many times these patients will grow out of the need for this additional service.

Hospital Dentistry: Through Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Dr. Hanna provides dental services to patients who require extensive treatment or who have special medical needs and require close medical observation during dental care. It is important for these young patients to have access to pediatric anesthesia that only Children's Hospital can provide. Dr. Hanna works jointly with hospital specialties to provide multiple services under one general anesthesia. Therefore, a pediatric patient who is receiving surgery from an ENT Doctor (Ear, Nose and Throat), could also complete dental services under the same anesthesia. 

Emergency Services: Treatment of traumatic oral injuries is available. Prompt action for a dental injury often allows us to save a child's permanent teeth. Emergencies are referred to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's Emergency Department for care as needed.